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Ocular LTE

Designed for simplicity

The sleek and compact charger

The Ocular LTE EV charger combines a sleek, compact charging station with a class-leading LCD screen for live charging feedback. Universal to every EV in Australia, including Tesla, the Ocular unit is a future-proof solution to any home.

*Credit applied to your existing ActewAGL electricity account 3 months after installation, terms & conditions apply.
ActewAGL evHub
ActewAGL evHub

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    Frequently asked questions

    A smart charger is designed to make EV charging more efficient and convenient for electric vehicle owners. Like all at-home wall-mounted EV chargers, smart chargers are up to ten times faster, making charging your car quick and simple. However, the main difference is in the extra features. When power isn’t needed immediately, smart chargers can automatically adjust the charging times to when energy costs are lowest – providing further savings on your energy bill.

    Yes, you can pay for your charger upfront. You can choose to pay for the charger and installation in full, or via regular instalments through your energy bill. There are also several options for interest-free loans through the ActewAGL Appliance Payment Plan – subject to eligibility. 

    The price of the installation varies depending on your premises. ActewAGL will arrange for an installation quote through our partners and, once accepted, will help manage the process.  

    The ACT Sustainable Household Scheme has been designed by the ACT government to encourage households to adopt more sustainable and energy-efficient practices in their homes. The program provides up to $15,000 in rebates and incentives to eligible households for the installation of a range of sustainable products and services, including electric vehicle chargers.

    You may be eligible for an interest-free loan through the Sustainable Household Scheme for your electric vehicle charger. An ActewAGL Electrification Consultant can help you with more information about the process.  

    You don’t need to do anything beforehand, just let us know when you enquire about our charging options and we’ll submit an application on your behalf. Please note the Sustainable Household Scheme is subject to certain terms and conditions, learn more here.

    If you choose to purchase your EV charger outright, you may be eligible for an interest-free loan through ActewAGL. Instalments can be made through direct debit – so you can set and forget while you enjoy your new EV charger. Alternatively, you may be eligible for an interest-free loan through the ACT Government Sustainable Household Scheme. 

    The evCharge plan and installation are currently only available to residential customers in ACT and NSW. We have other electric vehicle solutions available for businesses. Contact us on

    This depends entirely on the type of charger and your individual consumption. It is also impacted by whether you opt for single or three phase charging, whether you have solar, what time of day you charge… But one thing we can say, it’s cheaper than petrol!

    It depends on whether you have three phase or single phase charging and the type of car you own. Find out more in this article.

    Yes, although some cables and sockets do differ between makes and models of EV. As part of the quoting and install process we’ll sort out the right solution that works for your vehicle.

    Yes. Smart chargers have the ability to harness the power from your solar system. Let us know if you have solar during the quoting process and we’ll ensure the proposed solution is right for your property.

    At this stage you are unable to use these chargers to power your home though ActewAGL has been participating in the development of new technologies that may enable EV batteries to charge houses in the future.

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    ActewAGL does not provide EV charger installation, independent contractors provide those services.

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