News – October 18

ActewAGL has expanded its electric vehicle (EV) charging network to further support customers in the ACT and broader NSW Capital Region. 

In partnership with Evie Networks, ActewAGL has installed additional charging stations in two key ACT locations – southside in Kingston and northside in Belconnen.

Located at Kingsborough Village, 10 Parbery Street in Kingston, and Sentinel Apartments, Swanson Court in Belconnen – these new EV chargers will further contribute to the growth and uptake of electric mobility across Canberra and the broader NSW Capital Region.

Featuring 22kW dual-port EV chargers, the Kingston and Belconnen stations can simultaneously accommodate up to four electric vehicles.

The expansion by ActewAGL and Evie Networks into higher-density areas including Kingston and Belconnen has been welcomed, given access to charging in apartment blocks can be limited.

Rachael Turner, General Manager of ActewAGL Retail said: “These installations provide safe and convenient charging for local residents and their visitors who own EVs and are commuting with an EV for a reduced environmental footprint”. 

The Kingston and Belconnen charging stations are easily accessible for Canberra’s rapidly growing community of EV owners who may or may not also have home charging access.

ActewAGL’s journey in pioneering EV charging infrastructure in the ACT began in 2015 with the installation of the region’s first-of-its-kind 50 kW Rapid Charger. Since then, ActewAGL has become a primary provider of EV charging infrastructure across the ACT and broader NSW Capital Region, meeting the demand for charging stations, with more installations planned for later this year and next.

This recent EV charging expansion marks another significant step in ActewAGL’s commitment to support the ACT Government’s goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2045. The EV charging stations have been funded through the ACT Government’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Grant Funding Program and contribute to the ACT Government’s commitment to have 180 public EV chargers available in the ACT by 2025.

Rachael Turner, General Manager of ActewAGL Retail, shares that these charging stations demonstrate a continued commitment to reducing emissions from transport:

“The Electric Vehicle Council’s report published during July 2023, confirmed that ~22% of new cars sold in the ACT during the first half of 2023, were EVs. In partnership with Evie Networks, we are delighted to make public EV charging easier and more accessible for drivers, including for those living in or visiting apartment complexes. With several more EV charging stations planned for deployment in the coming months, our goal is to continue to build a robust and reliable charging network to make EV adoption even more accessible across our region.”

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