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Take a positive step towards a cleaner and greener future

EVs are a smart choice for a better ACT and surrounds

Every EV contributes to a better and cleaner world for us and our children, for generations to come. Experience the feeling of knowing your choices can help make a real difference in reducing our region’s carbon footprint.   


Time it takes for a tree to absorb the CO2 emissions on a trip from Canberra to Sydney in a petrol vehicle

EVs reduce harmful emissions that contribute to climate change

Lower CO2 emissions

One electric vehicle can save an average of 10.7 tonnes of CO2, when compared to petrol and diesel cars and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, particulates, other pollutants and noise.

Drive for better health

EVs have no internal combustion engines which reduce the toxic emissions that can create respiratory problems, lung damage and exacerbate allergens and asthma.  

Efficient to the core

In addition to using electricity generated from renewable sources, EVs regenerative braking system takes the wasted kinetic energy and uses it to recharge the car’s battery. Further, not using the brakes as much, ensures the brakes and tyres last longer. 

Government Incentives

Owners of EVs in the ACT can benefit from various incentives

free registration
0 yrs
stamp duty exemption
$ 0
interest free finance
$ 0 k

The ACT is working towards a target of net zero emissions by 2045

As a result, the ACT has some of the most generous incentives in the country for electric vehicles which includes free registration, stamp duty exemptions, interest free loans and access to transit lanes.

ActewAGL is helping reduce the cost of ownership to boost the number of EVs in the ACT and surrounds

Save with smart financing

While electric vehicles provide savings over the long term, the initial purchasing costs can seem prohibitive. That’s why we’ve partnered with Plenti to provide ActewAGL customers with low rates – so they can go green sooner.

Save with smart charging

When it comes to charging, you can plug straight into your wall or plug into a smart charger. A smart charger is 3x faster than a wall plug, and allows you to charge your car during times when energy rates are lower – saving up to half the cost of recharging.

Save with lower energy costs

ActewAGL has special offers on energy plans for owners of EVs. Benefit from savings across your entire household electricity use with our evEnergy Saver Plan.

Find the ideal car to meet your every desire

1ActewAGL does not provide EV charger installation, independent contractors provide those services

This information does not constitute financial advice and you should consider whether it is appropriate to your circumstances before you act in reliance on it. Any opinions, forecasts or recommendations reflect the judgement of ActewAGL and (where applicable) our finance partners, as at the date of publication and may change later without notice. T&Cs apply, please see link here for more information

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