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If you’re considering an all-electric Hyundai, you’re in luck. A wealth of incredible technology, high-performance driving and smart, sustainable design awaits.

Hyundai have set the electric vehicle bar high with their multi-award-winning IONIQ 5. The long-range, fast-charging, value-for-money EV has won countless accolades for its innovative design and top specs. Now with the KONA on the market, Hyundai are positioning themselves as a force-to-be-reckoned-with on the EV scene.

From the clever design, affordability and smart technology, here we explore the Hyundai EV highlights.

Hyundai EVs: a history

South Korean manufacturer Hyundai has been operational since 1967 and was an early developer of low-emissions driving technology. Its first hybrid model, the FGV-1, was unveiled at the Seoul Motor Show in 1995. The Sonata, a sedan, was Hyundai’s first 100% electric car developed in 1991.

It wasn’t until 2008 that Hyundai started mass-producing hybrid and electric vehicles, with the Sonata debuting at the LA International Auto show this year. 2016 heralded the arrival of Hyundai’s signature IONIQ in hybrid form, and then in 2020, the IONIQ relaunched as a fully electric vehicle with the IONIQ 5, a midsize crossover. In the future are Hyundai’s IONIQ 6 sedan and IONIQ 7, a large SUV.

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Hyundai EV models

Hyundai has two fully electric models available in Australia; the KONA and IONIQ 5. It also has the Santa Fe Hybrid, the Nexo, and the first zero-emission hydrogen-powered electric vehicle on the consumer market.

Australia’s first 100% small electric SUV, the KONA, comes with a 100kW Standard Range powertrain capable of 305km in a single charge. In addition, a 150kW Extended Range powertrain is available for longer distances, boosting the KONA’s range to 484km.

Three classes of IONIQ 5 are on the market, each with unique performance specs. The DYNAMIQ has the longest range of 507 km but has the lowest power at 168 kW / 350 Nm. Next is the more luxurious TECHNIQ with a 454km range and 239 kW / 605 Nm power. Finally, EPIQ is the premium IONIQ 5, with the same TECHNIQ specs but with flash features like digital side mirrors. All IONIQ 5s charge between 10% to 80% in approx. 18min.

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Hyundai EV. Clever design, modern sophistication and the latest smart technology.

Hyundai EVs: clean and sustainable interior materials

If you’re buying an EV, it’s likely because you care about making a positive environmental difference. Hyundai incorporates sustainability in every element of its EVs. Not only are the IONIQ 5 and KONA zero-emissions vehicles, but their interiors are crafted from recyclable and sustainable fabrics.

Door interior detailing is made from 100% recyclable paperette. Soft textiles in the cabin consist of bio PET yarn derived from sustainable fibres like wool, poly yarn and sugar cane bio components. Other materials are even woven from recycled plastic bottles. Seats are clad in eco-processed leather, which has been dyed and treated with flaxseed plant oil.

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Hyundai EVs: Bluelink connectivity for your smartphone

An array of onboard car services can be unlocked via the Hyundai smartphone app, Bluelink. Bluelink is an exciting and useful way to connect with your EV, whatever your location. It allows you to plan routes from home, find and lock your Hyundai, and check your car’s health and status.

You can even pre-set the car temperature so it’s warm or cool enough before you get in it, check the distance you can cover with your EV’s current charge status and set and plan the car’s charging schedule.

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Hyundai EVs: customisable exteriors and interiors to suit your lifestyle

Hyundai EVs can be customed to align with your tastes and lifestyle. For drivers who want to showcase their personality, the KONA comes in various cheerful colours, from flame red and bright turquoise to subtle black, white or grey.

The TECHNIQ and EPIQ IONIQ 5 variants come with an alluring relaxation mode which fully reclines both front seats so drivers can rest while recharging the car. In addition, an adjustable centre console allows interior customisation by sliding forwards or backwards, while a long wheelbase and flatter floors create roomier boot capacities.

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Hyundai EVs: cutting-edge SmartSense safety technology

All Hyundai EVs come with patented SmartSense technology as standard. This suite of safety features is designed to make driving smoother, more enjoyable, and safer. For example, smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go allows drivers to pre-set a speed and stop/start in traffic to maintain a safe distance between vehicles.

Driver Attention Warning alerts drivers to fatigue patterns, Blind-Spot and Forward Collision Avoidance Assists will alert if a vehicle or pedestrian is in the blind spot or in front, and Lane Keeping Assist provides steering intervention should the EV stray from the intended lanes.

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Hyundai's first 100% electric car, the Sonata, was developed in 1991. Hyundai has two fully electric models available in Australia; the KONA and IONIQ 5.

Hyundai EV interiors are made from sustainable materials like paperette, bio PET yarn and eco-pressed leather.

The Bluelink Hyundai smartphone app allows you to remotely control aspects of your EV.

Hyundai EV interiors and exteriors are highly customisable to align with your taste and lifestyle.

All Hyundai EVs come with its patented suite of SmartSense safety features as standard.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Hyundai EVs.

Yes, Hyundai IONIQ 5s and KONAs are fantastic for everyday driving thanks to rapid charging capabilities and sizeable ranges.

Yes, with large ranges of up to 484km, Hyundai EVs can travel long distances without needing a charge.

KONAs come with a standard 100 kW Electric Motor and 39.2 kWh battery or a 150 kW Electric Motor and 64 kWh battery. IONIQ 5 batteries are between 58.2 kWh and 77.58 kWh.

Yes, Hyundai EVs make great family cars, especially the roomy IONIQ 5.

When connected to an 800V ultra-rapid charger, the IONIQ 5 can recharge from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes.


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