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With a superior balance of aesthetics and performance, the Polestar is taking the EV market by storm.

When it comes to high performance coupled with style, look no further than Polestar. With origins in motor racing, Polestar has captured the market seeking luxury and performance in one complete package. Owned by Volvo, Polestar has released two models on the Australian market, the compact Polestar 2 and the mid-size SUV Polestar 3, both of which sit at the premium end, similar to Tesla.

From their range and specs to the superior features that come as standard, discover the Polestar 2 and 3’s highlights.

Polestar: a history

With its origins in Swedish Touring Car Racing, the first petrol-powered Polestar was commissioned in 1996 to help the Volvo team take out pole position in the championship. This incredible showcase of innovation in the automotive arena led them to be acquired by Volvo in 2015.

Fast forward to 2017, and Polestar was reinvented as an electric car brand. The first Polestar 1 – a 4-cylinder, 1969 cc, plug-in hybrid coupe hit showrooms in 2018. Although discontinued, the Polestar 1 pushed boundaries and inspired its all-electric descendants, the Polestar 1 and Polestar 2.

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Polestar models

For those seeking a compact executive car, look no further than the Polestar 2. Choose from one of three powertrain types ranging from 478 – 551km range and 170kW – 300kW power. Best of all, the Polestar 2 can hit 10 – 80% charge in half an hour.

For those looking for a mid-size luxury crossover SUV, the Polestar 3 is for you. Featuring a Long-Range Dual Motor, capable of travelling an impressive 610km on a single charge, with 360kW power. For caravan or trailer owners, the Polestar 3 can be fitted with a folding towbar capable of towing up to 2,200 kg.

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Polestar. Sleek, technical form.
Fully integrated technology.
Carefully curated materials.

Polestar: next-level performance and range

With the ability to hit 100/km/h in 5 seconds, Polestar 2 delivers instant power at whatever speed you’re driving. The Polestar 3 powertrain pairs two liquid-cooled, high-performance electric motors with computer-assisted power distribution – providing optimal traction and control in all driving circumstances.

To turbocharge the car’s abilities, the Polestar 2 and 3 have Performance Pack upgrades available. This option tunes the powertrain, adding extra horsepower, torque and speed. You’ll also get special edition Swedish gold seatbelts, upgraded brakes, and dampers.

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Polestar: superior standard features

Polestar comes straight out of the box with a range of premium features like heated front seats, automatic high beam, and a digital key with pre-climate control as standard.

In addition, Polestar is the world’s first car with Google built into its Android™ Automotive operating system, displayed on a generous 11.2-inch centre display connected to 5G internet for live updates.

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Polestar: alluring on-board technology

The Android™ Automotive operating system offers intelligent route planning, Google Assistant voice commands, and in-car apps like Spotify and Google Maps. A suite of smart Advance, Driver Assistance Systems, like Run off Road Mitigation and Post Impact Braking, top the charts on safety features.

Polestars come with top-spec Bowers & Wilkins Audio. Twenty-five speakers positioned around the car (including the headrest) deliver 3D surround sound. Pair your EV with the handy Polestar smartphone app to remotely activate climate control, lock and unlock, check battery status, and more.

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Polestar: stylish, sustainable interiors

Polestar takes great care to source its manufacturing materials sustainably, with circularity and traceability in mind. Car seats are crafted in bio-attributed MicroTech vinyl using recycled plastic, while all nappa leather is chrome free. A composite of flaxseed, natural material, is used in place of synthetic. Polestar models use recycled aluminium, with 80% of the raw material coming from post-consumer waste.

Futuristic and fully customisable, you can choose from a selection of upholstery colours and textures for your spacious Polestar interior. Rear seating offers plenty of legroom, and the Polestar 3’s front seats have a memory function that remembers your preferred seating position.

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Polestar has two fully electric models available in Australia; the Polestar 2, a compact executive car, and Polestar 3, a mid-size luxury crossover SUV.

Polestar 2s can have a range of up to 551km with 170kW power, and Polestar 3 has a long-range dual motor, capable of travelling an impressive 610km on a single charge, with 360kW power.

All Polestar models have a unique Google Android™ Automotive operating system for intelligent route planning and Google Assistant voice commands.

Polestar sources its manufacturing materials sustainably, using recycled aluminium and recycled plastic or flaxseed fabrics.

The Polestar 2 and 3 have Performance Pack upgrades available. This option tunes the powertrain, adding extra horsepower, torque and speed, and premium seatbelts.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Polestar EVs.

Yes, Polestars are great for everyday commutes and driving thanks to rapid charging capabilities and long ranges.

Yes, with large ranges of up to 610km for the Polestar 3, Polestars can travel long distances without needing a charge. Plenty of head and legroom offer ample comfort for all passengers. In addition, you can add an automatic towbar to the Polestar three for caravans and trailers.

Polestar 2 batteries are available as both a 69 kWh model in the Standard range Single motor version and a 78 kWh model in both the Long range Single motor and the Long-range Dual motor. The Polestar 3 has a 400V lithium-ion battery with a 111 kWh capacity.

Yes, both the Polestar 2 and Polestar 3 are good for families. Both models come with ISOFIX points for baby and child seats. In addition, ample boot space means you can comfortably fit a buggy, shopping or luggage. 

Using a rapid DC charger, the Polestars 2 and 3 can hit 10% – 80% charge in half an hour.


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