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We’ll make a difference

Together, we’ll make a difference in the ACT and surrounds

Transport is Australia’s third largest source of greenhouse emissions, sustaining the highest growth rate. In the ACT, 60% of the emissions come from transport. Together, we can be the change.

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ActewAGL is leading the charge in innovation and sustainability

It’s our mission to make the ACT and surrounds cleaner and greener, one EV at a time. By decarbonising the transport sector, we are actively helping the community meet its sustainability goals.

For this reason, we are heavily investing in clean energy solutions to help us all live a good life. Now and into the future.

A single EV on average saves 50% of your personal CO₂ each year

Reducing the cost of ownership

We help reduce the cost of ownership by leveraging our organisational buying power, and searching nationally.

Reducing the wait time for an EV

We are helping overcome global supply chain shortages working with our national partners.

Keeping your car fully charged

We are continually investing in innovative smart charging solutions and increasing the number of chargers on the public charging network.

We are able to achieve these goals fast

Thanks to our network
of trusted partners.



What does it mean to bring good energy to the ACT and surrounds

Helping our city to achieve 1 in 4 households with cars powered by clean electricity in 2030.

ActewAGL’s commitment
for a better future

ActewAGL is committed to building a better future for the ACT and surrounds. Along with our work in the local community, our sustainability promise and our support to transition to clean renewable electricity in the home, we have set ourselves the ambitious goal to help 1 in 4 households to switch to an electric vehicle by 2030.

To do so we are making it easier to find an EV, charge an EV and finance an EV with an innovative range of solutions to meet your needs. 

ActewAGL evHub - Better Future

Enjoy the drive

Aside from helping support our goal to reduce emissions in the ACT and beyond, we are focused on ensuring your EV experience is seamless and enjoyable.

Save time and money

Enabling a zero carbon future

100% local service

Experts in electric vehicles

ActewAGL evHub - About

Find, finance and charge your EV with ActewAGL evSolutions

Contribute to a cleaner
ACT and surrounds

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