If you’re an EV driver with a home solar setup, investing in a solar-compatible charger is a cost-effective way to help you drive on sunshine. Offering unmatched integration of solar, scheduling, charging costs and load control, the Ocular IQ Solar provides an impressive level of control and convenience for solar-powered EV owners. The Ocular IQ Solar seamlessly integrates solar functionality, load management and app-based controls into a single tidy package.


Output Range

7kW (Single Phase) and 22kW (Three Phase)


Type 2 Universal socket or tethered options available

Dimensions (H x W x D)

380 x 288 x 160mm


Compatible with all EV models

Communications Interfaces

Ethernet + Wi-Fi


Through effortless integration with any solar system, the Ocular IQ Solar intelligently matches the charging speed to your solar generation, guaranteeing you efficient use of renewable energy. There are three different charging modes to suit your needs and solar production levels. 

Fast Mode charges your vehicle at maximum power from either a renewable energy source or the grid based on the set current limit. Solar Assist mode charges the EV at a minimum of 6 Amps plus any excess solar energy, drawing from the grid when solar production is insufficient. Then, finally, Solar Only mode charges the EV solely with excess solar energy, pausing charging when solar production drops below 6 Amps and restarting when it exceeds 7 Amps. 

Whether you prefer fast charging from renewable energy, a combination of solar and grid power, or charging exclusively from excess solar power, the Ocular IQ Solar offers versatility to meet your requirements. Its 7kW charging speed delivers you 50km of driving per hour of charge, which is standard for most EV chargers of the same output.


The Ocular IQ Solar’s helpful companion app puts the power of smart charging in the palm of your hand. From tracking energy usage to setting EV tariffs and solar settings, you can easily monitor, manage and record your charging sessions. The app is responsive, and you’ll find navigating its screens a breeze.

The system operates by utilising CT clamps to gauge the solar output of your home, subsequently adjusting the charging speed to capitalise on solar energy instead of exporting it to the grid. This effectively transforms your vehicle battery into a solar reservoir, significantly decreasing those charging expenses.

It’s worth noting that the Ocular IQ Solar works with or without solar, so if you don’t have solar yet but are thinking about it in future, then it could be a wise investment.

Design & Build

With its adaptable design, the Ocular IQ Solar offers flexibility in installation, whether wall-mounted or pole-mounted, catering to various preferences and spaces. It’s slightly larger than your average EV charger but by no means bulky. In a sleek glossy black, it looks smart and its 2.8-inch LED screen gives you real-time charging data and driver feedback while it’s powering up your car.

Overall, the Ocular IQ Solar is a no-brainer if you’re a solar panel owner. It charges efficiently by harnessing solar power to its fullest potential and will save you plenty on energy costs in the long run. 

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