The Gen 3 Wall Connector is Tesla’s latest charger, embodying the brand’s commitment to advancing sustainable transportation. With its multi-EV compatibility and both single and three-phase power systems, it’s a surprisingly versatile option, not limited to Tesla owners. 


Output Range

7.4kW (Single Phase) or 11kW (Three Phase)


Type 2 Universal with a 7.3m tethered cable 

Dimensions (H x W x D)

345 x 155 x 110mm


Compatible with all Tesla models & all EVs with a Type 2 charging compatibility.

Communications Interfaces

Wi-Fi connectivity


The Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector can provide up to 11kW output. For Tesla vehicles, this means up to 75km of range per hour of charge, which is rather decent performance-wise. Available with 7.4kW and 3.5kW output ranges, you can choose a speed that suits your home’s supply. Amperage configurations can be adjusted depending on your installation location. 

The Wall Connector charging process is overall very efficient. Its small details, like the auto-sensing handle that opens the charge port, make it easy and intuitive.

Where the Gen 3 Wall Connector does slightly lack is solar compatibility. There is no smart solar charging or compatibility with 3rd party software via OCPP, so if you plan to align your EV charging with your home solar set-up, this may not be the right charger for you.

If your household has more than one EV, the power-sharing functionality allows up to six Wall Connectors to share power from one circuit while allowing your cars to receive a sufficient charge.


Just like the vehicles themselves, the Wall Connector is complemented by a heap of smart tech, including the Tesla app. After registering your Wall Connector, you can plug in and power up. One of the app’s highlights is the ability to schedule charging sessions. This allows you to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates or set a schedule that fits your lifestyle. 

The app also provides a detailed charging history, showing how much energy has been delivered to your vehicle over the past 12 months. Additionally, the app’s home view provides a helpful snapshot of all your Tesla energy products, giving you a holistic view of your energy usage and sustainability efforts. The app’s design and interface are super responsive and easy to navigate, with all the data you could need at your fingertips.

Wi-Fi connectivity enables a range of convenient features, including over-the-air updates to ensure your charger is always up to date with the latest software enhancements. It also allows for remote diagnostics, allowing Tesla to diagnose and address any issues with your charger without needing a technician to visit your home.

Design & Build

The Gen 3 Wall Connector’s design is a testament to that renown Tesla ingenuity. Its curved shape allows you to wind the cable around the unit itself rather than having a separate attachment on the wall or mounting pedestal. There are even matching faceplates in black, blue, red or silver if you want to colour coordinate to your car. The build is sturdy and feels high quality.

Measuring 7.3m, the cable is longer than most, helping you stretch from a bit further away. It’s noticeably slim and lightweight too, making it easy to manoeuvre, use and stow. 

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