2022 Tesla Model 3

There’s no question about it, Elon Musk has had an enormous influence over the electrification of the global car market with Teslas often being closely compared with a tech product rather than a car! There’s a reason Tesla is one of the most popular luxury EVs on the market, so let’s look at why the Tesla Model 3 may be the right car for you.



Rear Wheel Drive, Long Range AWD, Performance


From 491km (Rear Wheel Drive), 602km (Long Range AWD) and 547km (Performance)

Charging time and ports:

320km in 15 minutes if using a Tesla Supercharger, or up to 70km of range per hour using a Tesla Wall Connector, or 3 to 5km of range per hour if charged using a standard three-prong, 120 volt outlet. If using a 240 volt outlet, you can get almost 50km of range per hour. The Model 3 offers a Type 2 charger as well as a CSS Supercharger.


60-82 kWh 360 V lithium-ion


From 239kW (Rear Wheel Drive), 324kW (Long Range AWD) and 413kW (Performance)

Electric motor size:

211kW, 375Nm

Efficiency (Vehicle consumption):

15kWh/100km (Rear Wheel Drive), 13.1kWh/100km (Long Range AWD) and 18kWh/100km (Performance)


0-100km in 6.1s (Rear Wheel Drive), 4.4s 0-100 km/h in 4.4s (Long Range AWD) and 0-100 km/h in 3.3s (Performance)

Top Speed:

225km/h (Rear Wheel Drive) 233km/h (Long Range AWD) and 261km/h  (Performance)


420Nm (Rear Wheel Drive), 493Nm (Long Range AWD)  and 660Nm (Performance)


1835kg (Rear Wheel Drive) and 1919kg (Long Range AWD and Performance)


L 4694mm, W 1849mm, H 1443mm

Quick info

Tesla’s Model 3 was created by Musk with the intention that it would be a more affordable, accessible EV in comparison to Tesla’s other models, such as the Model S and the Model X.

With three different variants of the Model 3: the Rear-Wheel Drive, Long Range AWD and Performance models, Tesla fans will be excited to know they can get up to a 602km range depending on the model. So, long road trips are still on the horizon, especially thanks to ActewAGL, who is increasing the number of chargers on the public charging network.

Design & look (exterior)

The design of Tesla’s Model 3 is a very simple one, with Musk choosing to go for a very clean and sleek look. However, it’s this simplicity that has won it so many fans, with the car even winning a Good Design Award in 2019.

Tesla’s Model 3 designer Franz von Holzhausen previously described the car’s design is “based on the idea of minimalism, that less is more… extra buttons, extra switches are just excess”. However, this minimalist design doesn’t make it boring, in fact, it’s anything but, with a clear influence from sports cars coming through, giving it a sleek, high-end look.

As mentioned previously, you have three versions of the Tesla Model 3 to choose from: the Rear-Wheel Drive, Long Range AWD and Performance models. The Tesla Long Range AWD is the perfect EV for those who like to enjoy long road trips – you can drive from Canberra to Sydney and back again on a single charge! But if you’re just driving around town, the Rear-Wheel Drive option is an excellent choice.

For those road trips or trips to the supermarket, you’ll have 425 litres of boot space and extra storage under the bonnet or the ‘frunk’ as Tesla calls it, which adds 117L.

You’ll feel very comfortable in the Tesla Model 3, though at low speeds, you might feel a few bumps in the road, with the Long Range model feeling more settled. However, when you’re out on the open road, you’ll find it’s a smooth ride no matter which model you choose. Compared to its rivals, the Model 3 ultimately feels slick and effortlessly capable.

Of course, like many EVs, the Tesla Model 3 is whisper-quiet when driving around town, but you’ll get a bit of tyre noise at faster speeds. The brakes are also worth mentioning as they are much smoother than many other electric cars. Considering the car’s weight, thanks to the battery packs underneath, the Model 3 drives and handles really well.


While the car’s design is very beautiful, the vehicle’s interior is where it really shines. There is no clutter to be found inside the Tesla Model 3, with the entire car being controlled through the large central screen. You won’t even find door handles. Instead, there’s a simple button built into the side doors – don’t worry, there’s a backup release hidden underneath as well.

Tesla uses vegan materials, with faux-leather seats and faux-suede highlights on the doors and the wireless phone charging bay. Breaking up the dark interior is a strip of wood across the dashboard. The interior definitely feels luxurious and high quality, and it’s a space you may find yourself not wanting to leave!

However, one criticism some may have is that you do have to manage everything about the car through the central screen, including the air conditioning, your wipers, lights, and multimedia, to name a few. This can be a little irritating while driving as all your essential information, including your speed, is on the screen rather than in front of you.

The car also doesn’t have Apple Car Play and only connects via Bluetooth, so you can’t pick from your own multimedia library from the screen, which may annoy some. However, the screen does have Google Maps and Spotify, and you can charge your phone wirelessly.

Don’t get us wrong, the screen definitely has a lot of highlights. It has Google Maps fully integrated, and you can even play games and watch Netflix – great for when you’re charging the car somewhere other than your house. Do you really need it? Look, probably not, but it’s a bit of fun!

If you’ve got kids or guests in the back seat, you’ll be pleased to know there is enough legroom for a tall passenger, and four adults would likely be comfortable inside. The air conditioning in the back seats is also, thankfully, very powerful.

One of the car’s best features is that it can be controlled by your phone through the Tesla app. You can lock and unlock the car, open and close the boot, turn the lights on, turn on the air conditioning, and get it to beep. You can even make it drive itself out of a car spot.

The car also has an autopilot feature, but it’s not quite ready yet, and may not be for everyone!


All three versions of the Tesla Model 3 are hugely powerful, with the Long Range AWD version featuring two motors and going from 0-100km/h in just 4.4 seconds. The Long Range AWD also provides up to 602km on a single charge, something you won’t find in its rivals. The Rear-Wheel drive model will get you 491km, while the Performance model will reach 547km on a single charge. The Performance model is also the fastest (and most expensive), going 0-100km/h in just 3.3 seconds.

The Tesla Model 3 offers a Type 2 charger and a CSS Supercharger, with charging times varying greatly depending on where you’re charging. For example, charging at home may mean charging times of 8 to 36 hours, depending on your charging method. If you were out and about and wanted to get from 20% to 80%, you could do this in as little as 20 minutes to an hour with a 50kW or 150kW charger.

If you have access to Tesla’s supercharger network, you will find charging a breeze, with ActewAGL also helping out by increasing the number of EV chargers on the public charging network in the ACT.

While charging on Tesla’s network is no longer free, as it was at first, it is still much more affordable to charge your EV than filling up a car with petrol!

The Tesla Model 3’s battery capacity is between 62 to 82kWh, with the car’s official energy consumption figure at 13.1kWh/100km, much better than a number of its luxury rivals who consume over 20kWh/100km.

Safety, warranty and technology

The Tesla Model 3 has a 5-star ANCAP safety rating and features several amazing safety features, including a 360-degree camera, 12 ultrasonic surround sensors and a forward-facing radar with 160m of range.

The EV can detect objects, other cars, people, cyclists and traffic markers and even categorises vehicles by type when you see them fly past you on the car’s screen. It also alerts you when a traffic light turns green!

You get front airbags, seat-mounted side airbags as well as curtain airbags. You also get dual ISOFIX and three top-tether child seat mounting points in the rear.

The Tesla Model 3’s emergency braking works from 10km/h to 150km/h, with the car even able to change lanes and steer for you.

However, one thing that may be annoying is that the car is so silent that pedestrians may not even realise you’re there, so some sound wouldn’t have hurt.

Tesla offers a four-year and 80,000km warranty, including roadside assistance, a little behind the industry standard of five years. The battery pack is also covered with an eight-year/192,000km warranty.

Given there aren’t many moving parts with the car, Tesla informs you when you need certain items to be serviced.


The Tesla Model 3 is a revolutionary piece of technology and a fantastic car to boot, no pun intended! With three models, this car is the perfect EV for you if you want to get around town or head off on a big road trip with your family.

While there are some annoyances with the screen, we think you’ll be able to overlook them thanks to the car’s many other unique features and luxe design.

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