According to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, in 2020 there were almost 670,000 caravans registered in the country, with a 4.3% increase in ownership that year alone. With such a rise in popularity, owners will be curious whether EVs are able to tow their portable holiday homes.

Are electrically powered vehicles capable of pulling such heavy loads? Do they have the strength and range to cope? The good news is yes, with an abundance of torque, there are a number of EVs on the market in Australia that are compatible with caravan towing.

Here is what to consider when planning your getaway on the open road, and a selection of the best models with sizeable tow capacities.

Know before you go

Get legal

Before embarking on a four-wheeled adventure with your EV, check whether your EV has been certified in Australia to be legally fitted with a tow hitch.

Assess range

Bear in mind your range. Is your trip long distance? Consider the maximum range of your EV and whether there will be changing stations along the way if need be. Towing a heavy caravan will eat up more energy so you may need to rechange more frequently than normal.

Consider the brakes

Your EVs regenerative braking system is only calibrated according to your car’s weight so adding a heavy caravan to it could put strain on your breaks and potentially overload the system with an excess of kinetic energy.

Check weights

Never tow a caravan that is heavier than your EV.

Can you charge at your destination?

It’s unlikely there’ll be no fast charge points at your campsite or destination, but make sure there is access to a standard three-pin plug socket for your EV charger.

The Best EVs for towing caravans

Tesla Model X

Tow capacity: 2,268kg

With an all-wheel drive, Tesla’s high-performance SUV is designed for utility. It comes with a ‘trailer mode’ and a swaying mitigation that automatically applies the brakes if the attached load is swaying too much.

Audi e-tron

Tow capacity: 1,800kg

Capable of towing up to 1,800kg, the Audi e-tron is a sturdy and stylish SUV. With a range of 233km, it’s perfect for long journeys.

Mercedes-Benz EQC 400

Tow capacity: 1,800kg

Mercedes Benz’s first all-electric model comes with a 1,800kg towing capacity. Incredibly safe for the family, the EQC 400 boasts a maximum five-star ANCAP safety rating, the highest ever for an EV.


  • 670,000 caravans are registered in Australia
  • ­Check if your EV is legally permitted to carry a tow hitch
  • Consider your EV range and brakes before you go
  • Never tow a caravan heavier than your EV
  • Tesla Model X, Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 and Audi e-tron are suitable EV models to tow a caravan

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