When using public charging stations to re-power your EV, some will be free to use, and some will be paid for. There are currently 11 rapid DC public chargers and 39 AC chargers in the ACT. DC chargers have rapid charging; you can expect your car battery to be fully replenished in an hour.

So you’re clear on what you can expect to pay – and how – let’s examine public electric car charging stations’ cost in more depth.

Can I charge my electric vehicle for free in Australia?

Yes. Many public EV charging stations in the ACT and across Australia offer free charging. Free EV chargers tend to be the slower AC chargers. You are most likely to find free chargers in public car parks where the only cost will be the standard fee to park your car.

Some free EV parking stations in the ACT have time limits of up to three hours, so always check before leaving your EV charging.

Public EV chargers are also available in hotels or restaurant car parks and are free for guests to use.

What and how do I pay for electric vehicle charging?

Electric vehicle charging station costs vary depending on the location and supplier. You can typically expect to pay $0.50/kWh to recharge your EV for fast DC charging. 

If you had a Nissan Leaf, it would cost $20 to fully charge the car’s 40kWh battery at a rate of $0.50/kWh.

You can pay for EV charging in a number of ways. RFID tags that store your data are commonly used, as are apps like the Evie Networks app. Plug&Charge is a new advanced technology that enabling EV drivers to easily identify themselves at the charging station just by plugging in. 

Can I get free access to the Evie charging network?

As a subscriber to our evCharge Plan, you can access an EV smart charger from $44.95 per month. The Smart evCharger Plan saves you time and money with the costs added to your monthly energy bill. Your plan includes free technical support, and a lifetime warranty.


  • You can find both paid and free public EV chargers in the ACT and across Australia.
  • Paid charging at rapid DC points normally costs $0.50/kWh.
  • You can pay via card, an app, RFID tag or Plug&Charge.

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