Canberra is gearing up for the arrival of its first dedicated electric truck dealership. Located at the Toyota dealership on 44 Wollongong Street, Fyshwick, the site promises to be a game-changer for government fleets and private operators keen on embracing sustainable transport solutions.

Electric trucks take centre stage

The showroom will feature an array of options, including conventional diesel-powered Iveco vans and Hino trucks, alongside the star attraction – the first electric Hyundai Mighty trucks. These trucks, already on display, showcase the future of commercial transportation in the capital. 

What sets these electric trucks apart is their practicality. The Hyundai Mighty Electric, for instance, boasts a familiar chassis and body whilst integrating lithium-ion batteries, offering an estimated range of 200km when fully loaded. Additionally, SEA Electric, a Melbourne-based company, is converting Hino models to electric power, further expanding the options for eco-conscious consumers.

Government initiatives drive electric truck adoption

Government agencies and local businesses such as Icon Water have been at the forefront of trialling these electric trucks for their operations. Furthermore, various ACT Government directorates have shown keen interest, with officials testing them at dedicated events like the EV Drive Day at the Sutton Road Training Centre.

While government fleets are expected to be the primary buyers initially, private operators stand to benefit significantly from this shift towards electric trucks. According to Toyota General Manager Don Griffiths, the ability to charge overnight makes them particularly suitable for operators with predictable usage patterns, such as landscapers or delivery services.

The decision to focus primarily on electric offerings aligns with Canberra’s broader commitment to sustainable transport solutions. The ACT Government’s endeavours, including transitioning the bus fleet to electric and acquiring electric emergency service vehicles, underscore the city’s determination to lead the way in environmental stewardship.

Evolving technologies and potential for growth

Looking ahead, the dealership remains open to evolving technologies, with the possibility of hydrogen-powered trucks entering the market as the technology matures. Transport Minister Chris Steel has reiterated the government’s commitment to exploring hydrogen as a viable option for heavy-duty applications, complementing the existing fleet of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

As Canberra Toyota’s Fyshwick dealership charts a new course towards electrification, it symbolises a pivotal moment in the city’s automotive landscape. While change may be on the horizon for traditional dealerships, the emergence of electric alternatives represents an exciting opportunity for Canberra to embrace a sustainable and forward-thinking approach to commercial transportation.


  • Canberra’s first dedicated electric truck dealership will be located at the Toyota dealership on 44 Wollongong Street.
  • It will feature conventional diesel-powered vehicles alongside electric Hyundai Mighty trucks.
  • Future prospects include the potential for hydrogen-powered trucks, showcasing Canberra’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to sustainability.

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