Putting users in total control of their charging experience, the Ocular LTE Plus is a smart home EV charging station that merges the look and feel of the original Ocular LTE but with enhanced app functionalities. Quick, reliable and with a variety of features designed to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint, the Ocular LTE Plus is a standout charging choice for eco-conscious EV owners.


Output Range

7kW (Single Phase) or 22kW (Three Phase) 


Type 2 tethered 6m cable

Dimensions (H x W x D)

295 x 195 x 65mm (Universal)


Compatible with all EVs

Communications Interfaces



Available in both 7kW (Single Phase) and 22kW (Three Phase), the Ocular LTE Plus’s tethered Type 2 cable ensures compatibility with almost every EV brand and model on the market. Once plugged in, it’s the live screen and Bluetooth app that come into play, giving you real-time feedback about your charging session. 

The Ocular LTE Plus LCD display screen and app screen are clear to read and intuitive to interact with. Handy little graphs on the app tell you the charging duration and energy you’re consuming throughout. It even tells you the temperature. 


From energy tracking and monitoring to detailed analytics of past sessions, you can easily access all charging-related information from your personalised app dashboard in just a few taps. One Ocular LTE Plus highlight is the scheduling feature. This allows you to program the time you want your charging session to start and end. 

Want to take advantage of those off-peak energy rates? Just program the Ocular LTE Plus to come on overnight. If your home is solar-powered, its energy consumption optimisation lets you harness those precious peak solar production times.

Design & Build

Overall, the Ocular LTE Plus feels super sturdy and well-made. It’s built to withstand extreme weather conditions thanks to an IP66-rated casing, making it dust-tight and resistant to strong jets of water. It’s compact and sits nicely on the wall without feeling too intrusive. The plug holder and cable hook mean you can stow all the kit tidily when not in use. 

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